Kerri Smith family photo at beachNOW.

Writing music for film, TV and advertising.

Plus I’m a mom, a wife, friend and an entrepreneur.

Creating and recording in my home studio.

Setup: MikTek C7, FMR Audio preamp and compressor, Studio One 3


Kerri Smith tromboneI had a toy piano when I was little. My parents used to overhear me tinkering out jingles from 80’s commercials. A few years later, they got me a real piano, then trombone, then I met the acoustic guitar in college. I assumed that everyone who played guitar probably also sang, so I did. Then I figured that if you sang and played guitar, you also wrote original music and played it live.

Skip forward a few years, some sales jobs, two businesses, marriage, kids and some life changing events and I’ve circled back to the original dream and it’s good.

Now I’m able to take the entrepreneurial experience and apply it to my music licensing goals and go.

Why a “sonic tree”?

When my daughter was three, she wanted to dress up like a star for trick-or-treating. I capitalized on the opportunity and made her a larger than life foam star. She could hardly walk. It was awesome.

I play children’s songs, too. Goofy Christmas music is my jam. So it totally made sense to create a large foam Christmas tree for myself. Ultimately, that makes me a singing tree… sonic tree. But trees have roots and branches and leaves and provide shade and shelter and a million other benefits.

SonicTree Music is me, the singing tree, and I also represent music from my cowriters and other sync industry artists.